Thank you very much for your interest in our ‘become a trainer’ training program.

Here are some further details…


There will be NO cost to you for this training and NO previous experience is needed.
We will also train you on our easy to use CRM system for providing DVSA/ORDIT required feedback.

Not only will you save hundreds (perhaps thousands) of £££s on training costs, the benefits of working with us are:


Free training, support and CPD from the UK’s largest and longest established specialist trainer of ADIs.
Preparation for ORDIT;
Use our course and support systems for your own PDIs – at NO cost to you or your customers;
Deliver Standards Check and Part 3 rescue training for us and your own clients;
Grow your own school with access to our customers.

ADMIN and better earnings potential:

No late cancellations like you get with learners;
No ‘dead-time’ – work for a full 8 (or 4) hours with no travelling in between;
No extra admin – just book the trainees into your diary.
We manage calls, support, help, paperwork, issues, questions etc for the trainees;
No advertising, selling, converting calls etc saving you hours of unpaid work – just teach the work we give you.



What’s your ‘normal ADI’ working day like… 8 hours on the road with maybe 6 hours ’earning’?
If you charge £33 per hour and have 6 paying pupils per – and don’t have any cancellations each day – you would be earning £198 per day.

That’s why we pay a very competitive £200 per 8 hour day – the equivalent of £33 per hour of paid lessons you can do a day.
Plus we also pay a £250 ‘pass bonus’ for each trainee.
And remember, there is no ‘franchise fee’, ‘finders or pupil fee’, training costs or ‘licensing cost’ to pay us either…


The initial training will cover 10 modules, and you will be required to complete study in your spare time in preparation for a once-a-week ZOOM workshop (evening time).

Once initial digital training is complete, you will be required to attend a day of classroom training (later in Autumn 2021 and then in-car assessment in late Autumn 2021.

We will also deliver once-a-month ZOOM workshops (evening time) too.

There has already been an unexpectedly large demand for this training opportunity, so If you would like to formally register yourself to our program, please reply to this email with which test centres you cover ASAP and I will add you to our list for further details. (We plan to have these to you following the Government’s next Covid review in July 2021.)
Thanks once again and look forward to working with you.


If you are keen to be involved and wish to be considered for the next training intake, please email us… with the Subject Title ‘ADI Trainer’ to register your interest.


The Training course for the ADI certificate has been very well developed and delivered. All aspects of the course are developmental and put into practice as you progress. Manageable timelines and targets are set, this allowed me to be organised and set time aside to complete the work to the timelines. All this while working at the same time. The support is outstanding and available as and when required, by email or phone. The strange and unexpected experience to arise is that I feel that while completing the online and live driving course, all of the staff I have been involved with within the course delivery have made me feel as though I was an important part of the team. In short, outstanding course materials, delivery, online support, face to face support and very professional staff.

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