To help GUARANTEE your success as a Driving Instructor, we have 3 outstanding guarantees.

Guarantee 1

We guarantee that if you complete our course in full, we will provide any extra training needed to attempt the DVSA Process again at no extra cost, and if you are still not successful, we will refund your course fee.

Guarantee 2

Once we have accepted you on our training course, we guarantee you a position with DRIVE when qualified.

Guarantee 3

Not only do we ensure the best possible chance of your success by guaranteeing your qualification and your position, but we guarantee your income too.

During your 1st year with us, we guarantee you will earn £30,000 in your first year or your money back.

Positions Strictly Limited

These guarantees are not offered by any other school. This is what makes us unique.

This is what makes us the only choice.

But, because of the level of the service we offer, we can only recruit a small number of Instructors each year.

Make sure you don’t miss out. Get in touch today.

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Terms Apply

Terms and Conditions for these guarantees apply.

For full details, please call us to discuss or view here – terms.

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