Keith Arksey


  Having been a teacher for 22 years, Keith wanted to continue the satisfying ‘teaching’ part of his profession but to do it without the bureaucracy and administration that comes with it. Keith trained to become a Driving Instructor in …

Keith Caunter


  Keith has been a Driving Instructor since 2009. Having worked in a factory doing shift work, he wanted to do something that rewarded him for his hard-work and not someone else! Keith runs ‘KC Driving School’ and has developed …

Graham lucas


    Graham trained as an Engineer and having sold an engineering business in 1999, he retired, but quickly became bored and looked to do something he loved. He loved driving so he became a Driving Instructor. Graham trained with …

John Farlam


  John became a Driving Instructor over 35 years ago having ‘tried’ a number of potential careers. He had no real desire to become a Driving Instructor but quickly fell in love with the job and the industry. With little …

Sadhana Patel


  Having worked in an office environment for many years, Sadhana wanted to do something that fitted in with her family and allowed her to do something for herself.   She trained as a Driving Instructor in 2010 and worked …

Dave Hamilton


  Dave has been a Driving Instructor for 23 years. After leaving the Army, he spent a number of years being a long distance lorry driver, but when he started a family he wanted to be home and be able to work around them. He went …

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