Coming out of Lockdown -Important Information

This page includes advice for trainees, P1, P2, P3 PDIs and ADIs – AND it also includes a ‘bonus resources section’ and information for each of the specific devolved nations, below.

UPDATED 12th March 2021.



1. ADI/PDI Support Fees

We will notify in good time of fees recommencing, but our plan is if, as planned in the Government’s next announcement on the 5th April 2021, that they confirm April 12th’s planned easing, that support fees will recommence on the 12th April 2021*.


2. Advertising and leads etc…

As soon as we get clarification on the 5th April from the UK Gov., we will start advertising for you.

We certainly feel now is the time you should be contacting your previous pupils and getting them booked back into your diary.

Demand for lessons is already crazy and we would certainly recommend you let your current pupils get booked in now, perhaps even see if they wish to pay for their first lesson(s)….?


* This is specifically referring to PDI Support packages for ADIs/PDIs that are working on a trainee with us and NOT customers training paying monthly.



2. Your DVSA Status


I’m sure you have all spoken to us (Keith or one of the team) to confirm test dates, your TL status and preparations for getting back on the road.

If not, it is ABSOLUTELY IMPERATIVE we speak with you to double check the records we have for you AND to ensure you do not lose teaching entitlement or have to start the process all again unnecessarily.

We will be contacting each of you in the next few weeks via phone and email to chat about training and test etcs.
Keith will be calling from 01642 064770 so please look out for this number calling you. If he can’t reach you he will leave a message.

We would also suggest (if you use one) that you speak to the car lease company about ensuring your insurance is all correct and valid etc…



3. Training


We fully expect that In-Car sessions can start again on the 12th April 2021 and we are planning for this.
We are therefore asking the Training Team to reach out to you to arrange training in line with any test dates etc..
We have asked the Trainers to prioritise any PDIs with impending tests, end of TLs, etc.. so if you have any concerns please raise this with us ASAP.
We have also asked the Trainers to prioritise any trainees that have already had some P3 training delivered so as to avoid any issues with applying for a trainee licence, so again if you have any concerns please raise this with us ASAP.


We have been speaking to all our trainees at length since the getting back on the road in the Autumn, and the evidence is now unequivocal:
Those that understand the main areas pass the test. Those that don’t or give the training and support lip service, are struggling.

Please use this last few weeks to watch the webinar sessions in the resources below.


4. Resources

As we are sure many of you will, we would implore you to please use this last few weeks productively!
We have collated a wealth of knowledge resources and since the first Lockdown, we have put this together in a ‘Resources Section’ on our Driving School website:
There are sections on:
‘How to Pass Your Part 3 Test’;
‘The 17 Competencies’;
‘Teaching Lessons and Subjects’;
‘DVSA CV 19 P3 and SC advice’;

Please watch these videos and make notes as Keith and I will be happy to discuss this with you.



5. Help & Support

Full support is still on hand as usual – but please bear with us as we get ‘back to normal’ into the offices rather than working from home.
The telephone systems at our homes that are not as sophisticated as those in the office!
So we ask that please you email us in the first instance. We can deal with 99% of queries via email.
If you do need to chat to us, please email asking for a call so one of the team can get in touch.
If you urgently need to speak to us, please put ‘URGENT’ in the subject title and one of the team can get in touch ASAP.
If you do need to call us and we cannot answer straight away, we respectfully ask you to please be patient with us and leave a message.
When a message is left, we get an email so we can call you back ASAP.
With PDI support, Keith, Adam and the Team will be more than happy to continue the Zoom meetings and helping you with your test prep – please remember, we are definitely seeing a difference in those that attend sessions and working with us and being successful vs those that are not..

Scotland and Wales

Scotland and Wales will each ease from lockdown differently from each other and England.
Please talk to us to understand any issues we and you may face as we ease from lockdowns in each Nation.

In Scotland, please continue to follow the explicit guidance on .GOV Scot relating to the 5 tier system:
Driving Lessons are specifically mentioned.

In Wales, All of Wales is at alert level 4. You can read what you need to do at alert level 4 here:
Please see explicit advice on
We will update as necessary.

The Training course for the ADI certificate has been very well developed and delivered. All aspects of the course are developmental and put into practice as you progress. Manageable timelines and targets are set, this allowed me to be organised and set time aside to complete the work to the timelines. All this while working at the same time. The support is outstanding and available as and when required, by email or phone. The strange and unexpected experience to arise is that I feel that while completing the online and live driving course, all of the staff I have been involved with within the course delivery have made me feel as though I was an important part of the team. In short, outstanding course materials, delivery, online support, face to face support and very professional staff.

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