training pedigree

training pedigree

Our Training Principal and one of the Company’s founders is John Farlam – a much revered and trusted ‘Guru’ and leading driver training expert. John has been delivering ‘MasterClasses’ to the industry for decades, helping Driving Instructors, Driving Schools, Driving Instructor Trainers and Driving Instructor Training companies to develop the industry’s leading trainers.


John has been involved with many major Driving Schools and Approved Driving Instructor trainers in the UK and has produced training literature for and use by companies like The Instructor College, LDC, LetsDrive, and many, many more driving schools. More than 1400 Driving Schools in the UK regularly use our training and coaching skills, techniques and products.


Over the years, our team has rescued many trainee instructors that have been let down by their previous training company.

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