Train the Trainer course – 2022

Welcome to our 2022 Train the Trainer Program

This program to cover how to deliver P3 training to our customers, is split into 10 weekly ‘Modules’, delivered via ZOOM sessions over the coming weeks.


Introduction Module


Below, an ‘Introduction Module’ is at the bottom of this page…
This ‘Introduction Module’ is in 3 videos introducing you to us as a Company, us as people and a brief introductory overview to our training process that we deliver to our customers and also how we deliver Part 2 training to our customers.


Delivery of Modules

Each week you will have received an email to access the next module in the program.
Each module includes a number of ‘Units’ (this varies depending on the module).
Each Unit will consist of:
1) The relevant sections from our iCourse training program – the video based training program our PDIs access;
2) The relevant sections our Trainer’s guide – our written guide on how to deliver our iCourse training program.

We ask that you study both in preparation for the Zoom workshop to discuss what you have just covered in each module.
Each 60 minute Zoom workshop will be delivered from 7PM the following week.


Week 1 – Module 1

Module 1: Getting Started / Basic Talking skills – Week 1

• The instructor’s workplace
• Route directions
• Basic talk through
• Lesson introductions

Week 2 – Module 2

Module 2: Communication – essential skills – Week 2
• Using teaching aids
• Watching the learner
• Watch and speak
• The ‘blindfold’ exercise

Week 3 – Module 3

Module 3: Core Teaching Skills – Week 3
• Giving full briefings & explanations
• Using questions
• Feedback

Week 4 – Module 4

Module 4: Remedial Teaching Skills – Week 4
• Identifying common errors
• SAS S – A method for dealing with mistakes
• Keeping control
• The students’ agenda (student selected topics)

Week 5 – Module 5

Module 5: Additional Essential Skills – Week 5

• Use of dual-controls
• Using Demonstration
• Mini-lessons (small chunk learning)
• The students’ agenda (student selected topics)

Week 6 – Module 6 & 7


Module 6
• Selected lesson subjects – beginner/part trained level

Module 7

• Selected lesson subjects – part trained/trained/FLH level

Week 7 – Module 8


Module 8:
• Lesson structure – constructing a lesson

Week 8 – Module – 9,10,11 + Trainee Licence Modules

Module – 9,10,11 + Trainee Licence Modules:
• Observing working with a pupil;
• Lesson structure – constructing a lesson;
• Lesson Planning – route, adaption;
• Competencies;
• Test Preparation;

Week 9 – Use of CRM



Introduction to Us: The Company and us as people…
In this video, we introduce ourselves (ie Adam, John and Graham – the owners and Directors of the Company) and to our ethos as trainers and backgrounds in the industry…


Introduction to our training course: An overview of how we train our customers…
In this video, we give an overview of our course, and how and why we believe we are leaders that stand alone in the industry…


Delivering P2

Delivering P2

When delivering P2 training for us, the 8 hours are designed for you to assess the 2 trainees.
The trainees will have completed a very comprehensive home study program and they will be almost at test standard.
The sessions will be ideally delivered 2:1, with the trainee in the back assessing the trainee in the front. You will of course be assessing the driver too, and will lead the discussion as the trainee in the back delivers their assessment after each section of session.
At this stage, it is the ‘understanding’ of driving we are keen for the trainees to demonstrate.
Full details of what we expect in our P2 sessions is here:

Delivering our P2 training
If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Get in touch…

Get in touch…
If you have any questions please email and we will be happy to help.
We look forward to seeing on the 1st Zoom and to working with you in the coming weeks (and months!)

Mike, Adam, Graham and John.



The Training course for the ADI certificate has been very well developed and delivered. All aspects of the course are developmental and put into practice as you progress. Manageable timelines and targets are set, this allowed me to be organised and set time aside to complete the work to the timelines. All this while working at the same time. The support is outstanding and available as and when required, by email or phone. The strange and unexpected experience to arise is that I feel that while completing the online and live driving course, all of the staff I have been involved with within the course delivery have made me feel as though I was an important part of the team. In short, outstanding course materials, delivery, online support, face to face support and very professional staff.

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