UPDATED 12th March 2021

TRAINERS – Easing of Lockdown and plans for getting back to work.

This page includes advice for trainers. This includes:

1) Considerations for planning ahead with our trainees;
2) A ‘trainer’s resources section’;
3) A link to what we have sent to trainees, to keep you in the loop – to advise them should they reach out to you;


Planning ahead


May we respectfully and sincerely ask, that if you have been working with one of our PDI/Part 3 students, that you please make provisional bookings with them in your diaries now, for when we may back at work – which as it currently stands is the WC 12th April 2021?
The reason we ask?
We fully respect that you will have pupils (and your own PDI/Part 3 students too perhaps) that will be desperate to be booked back into your diaries.
However, almost every single one of our PDI/Part 3 students – through no fault of their own at all – has either a TL about to expire and/or their 2 years is going to expire.
We also have Part 3 students that have had some P3 training in December and January and very quickly, this will not be able to be used on the ADI 21t.
Almost every single PDI/Part 3 student in the UK has been affected by CV19 and the Lockdowns in these ways; so it’s not just our customers.
But if we wait until we are ready to work again to make arrangements, then some of these guys may miss the opportunity to get training in in time for tests/validation etc, so if we can all work together on this, we (and the trainees) will really appreciate this.
Thank you….

We will be contacting each of our PDIs in the next few days via phone and email.
Keith will be calling to double check they understand the implications of what’s happening and to ensure we have absolutely 100% up to date info on each trainee and their circumstances.


As per last Lockdown, we will email each of you with details of PDIs and their situations early next week.

Thanks very much for everything you have done for our customers – it is very much appreciated.


2. Trainer’s resources:

As we reach the final few weeks of the (HOPEFULLY) final lockdown, there is probably never going to be a better time to reflect on one’s knowledge, consolidate skills and maybe even learn something new?!
We would respectfully ask if you can find a little time to watch some of the resources we have put together (if you have not done so already!)
There is some important information we would love you to review, should you get the chance…
Having spent 12 months solidly reviewing hundreds of Part 3 tests – passes and fails – we have identified a number of trends, issues and points to consider that seem to be recurring themes…
So, we’ve have produced a number of webinars and resources to share and hopefully take something from…


a) How to Pass Your Part 3

In this series of 9 videos, we take a practical look at the structure of the Part 3 test and discuss the main considerations and how an everyday lesson can meet the competencies of the marking sheet.
Each video is approx 15-20 mins long, so easily manageable chunks, and we hope extremely useful as you start to prepare for your Part 3 test.

b) Module 11 – Helping you help our PDIs

Following review of Part 3 tests, we have consolidated our ‘Module 11’ which is the final session delivered to a PDI prior to test.

c) Examiners’ Standard Operating Procedures

Some of the things we have heard from trainees that they say they have heard on YouTube or in a forum online about the CV19 restrictions on test (and on P3 in general frankly!!!) are very worrying… And the advice PDIs seem to be getting from other trainers in the industry too seem to completely contradict the DVSA’s own advice and is very concerning.
So below, please find our guide to the DVSA P3 SOPs – amended for CV 19 to recap.



d) Trainer’s P3 Discussions

Filmed during the November 2020 Lockdown, we invited a selection of trainers to discuss a series of topics to get their thoughts…



3. Train the Trainer Program

We have all but completed our latest ‘Train the Trainer Program’ with a new group of trainers, so if any of you would like to see the modules, please do let us know.



4. Information sent to trainees:

As always, we’re trying to keep our customers up-to-date as much as we can and offer services, support and help to them.

This is the trainee’s dedicated page:
Please feel free to take a look so you know what we are doing.

The Training course for the ADI certificate has been very well developed and delivered. All aspects of the course are developmental and put into practice as you progress. Manageable timelines and targets are set, this allowed me to be organised and set time aside to complete the work to the timelines. All this while working at the same time. The support is outstanding and available as and when required, by email or phone. The strange and unexpected experience to arise is that I feel that while completing the online and live driving course, all of the staff I have been involved with within the course delivery have made me feel as though I was an important part of the team. In short, outstanding course materials, delivery, online support, face to face support and very professional staff.

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